1 Nov 2015 Our Steam Punk Halloween , celebrating holidays as you get older tip toes into Keshe technology

Hello all..can you believe it’s already the 1st of November?!  This year has really gone by fast!

Last night was Halloween here and it was a bit disappointing for us.  Kyle and I dressed up in our Steam Punk Garb (see gallery) and that was a blast.  MAN Kyle looked soooo good in his garb.  All the components of his outfit have finally come together.  The only thing we are missing is the gears, futuristic weapons….the “tech” aspect of the genre.  It’s a work in progress.  My outfit needs a lot of work yet but we’ll get there.  The hats and goggles are my favorite part 🙂  I’m thinking it would be fun to find some aviator pants for next year.  We will keep our eyes out for things to add…accessories and such.

The disappointing part was we had less than 100 kids show up and we had bought way more than that in candy.  We aren’t sure what happened.  The neighborhood next to us, Stonegate, is a the new hot spot for trick-or-treating I think.  In years past it was our neighborhood but in the past 6 years since we’ve been here, not as many people are participating with the decorating and handing out candy.  One of the families near us always goes way out and has like a spook-house atmosphere to their decorating.  This year it was psycho clowns and we saw a lot of little kids run screaming out of their garage!  We didn’t get to the haunted house we wanted to go to this year.  It just didn’t work out with things that were going on.  The kids that did come to the door were adorable and a lot of them were in home-made costumes versus what we expected like Avengers costumes and  and such.  We had a Minecraft, Harry Potter, zombies, a kid with a football for a mask, a little cowgirl all dressed in pink and a couple Mutant Ninja Turtles.  With so few kids, we were pretty much handing out fists of candy to the kids who did come.

We talked afterwards and are really getting to a point in our lives where we are starting to re-evaluate how we want to celebrate holidays like this.  Things aren’t the same as when we were younger.  I think this happens to most people as they get older after there is no Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, you stop going trick-or-treating and things like that.  The wonder and awe, unless you have small children around, kind of fades away.  Last year I think we had one ornament on our little artificial tree….we just didn’t feel like going all out like we’ve done in years past.  Part of it is because I usually end up crying when we decorate the tree and that’s no fun.  So many memories of the past and especially the people associated with those memories aren’t around or even alive anymore and that’s hard for me.

We don’t like commercialization of the holidays.  They stock the stores with Halloween stuff and even before Halloween is over out comes Christmas stuff.  This focus on material aspects of the holidays kind of makes them hollow, fake….empty for me now.  When I was kid my favorite part of the holidays was all the “people” stuff about them.  The making cookies, candy and pie and meals.  Looking forward to getting together with family and friends I hadn’t seen most of the year and just “being” together.  The material things were in the background of it all.  I miss that!  Thanksgiving all but gets overlooked and ironically it’s one the most important!  Giving thanks for all our blessings at a table with those we love!

When Christmas rolls around it’s hard for Kyle and I.  Most of our family members are traditionalists when it comes to Christmas.  They like to buy and get gifts and any more with us all so spread out, even 11 miles seems like another state at times, we just don’t know each other enough to buy things for each other so it ends up being a lot of gift cards or things people really don’t want.  I try to make more things now but that can get old too.  People only have one body part they can cover a crocheted item at one time and the same goes for my jewelry etc.  Before long you get a closet full of hats, gloves, scarves and trinkets you just don’t always think to use.  I’ve found blankets are appreciated so I’ve made a couple of those for people and their fur kids.

Most of the people in our families, us too, buy what we want when we want it and don’t think to “save the idea” for the holidays anymore.  It’s hard to tell people not to buy anything for us because it goes against how they like to celebrate the holidays!  UGH.  My parents and Kyle’s brother Drew are the best as far as the gift buying goes because we are very specific to each other about ideas and that’s what shows up in the mail or we get on Christmas day!  May be no surprises that way but we are happy with every thing we get.  Practical gifts like kitchen tools, basic clothing items and such are best for where we are in our phase of life.

Anyhew….I’ve included some pictures I took of my little test at making the GANS paste.  I put some old copper coins (newer ones are mostly made of zinc) in sea salt water to see what would happen.  As you can see from the pictures there are chunks of “white stuff” that have formed.  I don’t know if this is just the water and salt reacting to dirty pennies (you know how nasty they can get) or if it’s actually the creating of the GANS you use for paste in making the plasma system.  I’m looking forward to seeing what people have been up to next week – Tuesday and Wednesday they said they will do live broadcasts showing what people in the field have come up with.  I am hoping they will show us their completed system operate!  We’ll see.  I’m staying positive with love in my heart about this!


Time to close for now.  Thank you to my lady pen pals who sent such great Halloween card greetings and just the letters!  Love you!


2 comments on “1 Nov 2015 Our Steam Punk Halloween , celebrating holidays as you get older tip toes into Keshe technology

  1. I love your costumes, that was super cool! Specially the glasses over a hat have something what’s always an eyecatcher. 100 kids would be too much for me, even the 20 and something what were there last night gave me a sudden hearing loss (or maybe it was Easy’s barking) :o)

    • LOL Link and Spot were actually really good about the night. They proved to be quite helpful with alerting us to kids coming to the door! We don’t have a storm door so we could keep our door open the whole time so that helped. They bark loud too but weren’t too bad last night. Glad you liked the costumes. Did you dress up in the theme or is that next year? Coming over to see your page! Love to you all.

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