28 Oct 2015 Led by the spiral, Wednesday Keshe Foundation Livestream broadcast

Good morning all –

The Livestream for today (morning here) just ended.  Here is a link to the full broadcast:


I did a print screen on a couple of things and these are relating to the system.  I had a major AHA when he correlated the spirals of the gravitational and magnetic fields to the infinity symbol!

some diagram pictures from this mornings teachings

some diagram pictures from this mornings teachings

The spiral entered my consciousness for the first time just after my Grandfather’s suicide 15 Sept 2000.  I was still in the Air Force and was at Maxwell AFB Alabama for a leadership school when it happened.  While I was there, I went to the Base Exchange they have there and saw a vendor was selling silver rings.  The one I chose was a simple pattern, a spiral.  It just stood out from all the others.  Ever since I bought that ring, this symbol has become like a signal to me when it appears in media I watch or anything else.  When I see the spiral I understand I have something to learn from what I am watching.  Ever since I bought that ring so many years ago, the spiral has become part of my everyday life.  It is in my art, my jewelry and even in my movements when I exercise/dance outside.  This week I am seeing the greater significance of this design…the spiral is in everything above and below!  This simple shape has led me to possibly the greatest moment in human history.

I made this ring a couple days ago as the original spiral ring I bought is with my Aunt

I made this ring a couple days ago as the original spiral ring I bought is with my Aunt

This morning Mr. Keshe mentioned he has put together a small report which could play a role in peace negotiations…the governments are waking up to this release of information and are scrambling now to figure out what to do with it….about it.  He mentioned plans are being delivered to the U.S for manufacturing….I hope something comes of this and in honor with Mr. Keshe’s motives.  The device manufacturing should not benefit just a few for profit but should benefit all….the entire country….the entire world.  When greed and negative intent become attached to this device there will be consequences….negative repercussions both tangible and intangible.   I have been trying to share this info here and Facebook.  Yesterday I even put links to the Keshe organization in the comments area of some of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders Facebook posts!  Who knows – can’t hurt to try!  I would encourage those of you who are on board with this to share the info on any social media site you belong to.

The powerbrokers of the planet are being given an opportunity, like none other offered in human history, to do the right thing….to redeem themselves from their past transgressions and I hope they will see this and embrace it positively.  There is nothing for anyone to lose except the one thing some cannot accept easily….losing control of others.  Power over others is an intoxicating drug for many in this world and the acquisition of material wealth has been the injection device.  When one seeks power over others it’s usually because they do not have control over themselves.  This is a growth opportunity for such people and I hope, with love, they will see this.


The Keshe Foundation (registered in The Netherlands) is a non-profit organization. It is the holder of all intellectual rights of M.T. Keshe relating to his technology. The main objective of this Foundation is to share the benefits from all aspects of its technologies in five different areas related to mankind’s welfare and world education.

The Keshe Foundation’s targets are to solve the main world problems of today:

  • Global warming / CO2 problem (achieved)
  • The energy shortage (achieved)
  • Water problems (achieved)
  • Food problems (mostly achieved)

One objective of the Keshe Foundation is to supply plasma reactors in “Oasis Units”, which will deliver an integrated solution for basic human needs such as drinking water, power supply, light and warmth. Today 1.6 billion people have no electricity and every day 4,000 children in Southern Africa die from contaminated water.

At the same time the Foundation is primarily involved in making travel in deep space a reality within the next few years and bringing it within the reach of everyone. In this domain manmade propulsion technology has become a thing of the past.

The Keshe Foundation has clear rules of conduct

A maximum of 5% of the Foundation’s income will be spend on administration and expenses and the balance (95%) will be divided into five equal parts:

  • 19% for further reseach and development
  • 19% for funding education worldwide
  • 19% for direct support to the needy
  • 19% for world peace and the environment
  • 19% for world religious studies and unification

When I finish exercising and get into a meditative state these days, the symbol I see in my minds eye is the Merkaba .. When I begin to see the spinning star in my minds eye I usually start to rotate on my feet instead of rocking back and forth.  Interesting!  I was just introduced to sacred geometry at a greater level this year.  The Merkaba, the light body, and Metatrons cube have been the ones that resonate with me the most strongly.





3 comments on “28 Oct 2015 Led by the spiral, Wednesday Keshe Foundation Livestream broadcast

  1. Friday is when Mr. Keshe plans to release blueprints. This week of broadcasts has been meant to be educational in lieu of just giving away everything at once. People like me are gaining access to the info at the same time world leaders of the world are gaining access. No matter what happens, the info is now out and cannot be stopped. Mr. Keshe and his colleagues were brilliant in doing it this way.

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