14 Oct 2015 Triskelion

Good morning all!  Just a quick post this morning – still in recovery mode but much better.  Sleep is a great healer as well as the positive thoughts and intentions of loved ones and friends – thank you!

Yesterday while resting in bed I was of course on Facebook.  For those of you who have been stuck in bed, you know this a way to pass the time in between naps.  Anyhew, one of the pages I like called Pocket Organite,  posted a link with information about the ancient symbol called the Triskelion also known to some as the Triple Spiral.  I was so inspired by it I had to make my own to wear:

The aluminum Triskelion I made yesterday - not too bad.  Need more practice to get proportions of spirals more even

The aluminum Triskelion I made yesterday – not too bad. Need more practice to get proportions of spirals more even

The link included this video which I think is cool too — shows the energy pattern of the symbol:

This symbol’s origins are undetermined from what I could gather from the few and various articles written about it.  Suffice it to say…it’s fecken old!  To me, regardless of it’s origin, it like most symbols, doesn’t belong to just one culture…such is the way of symbology.

Hope this finds you all doing well today.  I think it’s going to be another slow day for me.  My insides want to “go out and run around” but I think I’ll be lucky to the get the monsters out on their morning walk today!  This too shall pass.  Love to you all.

Links for more information:

https://www.facebook.com/PocketOrgonite?fref=ts Pocket Organite Facebook page
http://www.dancingwithwater.com/articles/triskelions-ancient-and-modern/ – Triskelions Ancient and Modern
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triskelion – Triskelion
http://www.celticlifeintl.com/history-of-the-triskele/ – History of the Triskele
http://www.swide.com/art-culture/triskelion-meaning-and-history-of-the-ancient-symbol-of-sicily/2015/04/07- Sicilian Folk Stories Trinacria, the orign of the symbol of Sicily
http://pjsymes.com.au/articles/triskelion.htm – The Isle of Man and the Triskelion Peter Symes







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