3 Oct 2015 Streaming services the crap shoot and my latest Sacred Geometry t-shirts and update on organic orgonite

That title is a mouthful right?  How is everyone?!  It’s Saturday and things are off to a fine start here.  A warm morning snuggle without having to jump out of bed, a walk in under 70 temperatures (fuck yeah it’s finally fall!) and blueberryish waffles that became pancakes because our waffle iron died.  It’s all good.

So we decided this morning we are going to start our Netflix back up.  We got the Amazon Prime and paid the $99 annual subscription fee and already have spent more paying for movies they won’t allow “watch now” for than a whole year of Netflix.  Not happy.  Last night I wanted to watch Benedicts The Fifth Estate (the one where he portrays Julian Assange) and it wasn’t available to live stream!  This has happened for many of the movies I want to see of Jon’s too so fuck it….bit the bullet and get the disk service back online!  Can’t get caught up on the bodies of work of my boys if they aren’t available to us without paying a fee on top of a fee.  We poor foke haha…I want to support the industry but not in such an underhanded way.

I don’t know how many of you have Huluplus service.  We are currently “sharing” a subscription with Kyle’s parents who were kind enough to do that and this service pisses me off too.  Even though they are paying an annual fee we STILL have to watch a ton of commercials – especially for the popular shows.  When we were watching Hannibal it was so distracting to have intense scenes broken up by “Hey buy our shit” commercials in between!  GRRRRRR !

Here is a great article that talks about what’s going on with the streaming services…why they all don’t have everything…once again….yay f-u-very-much Capitalism!


“The main reason you won’t see a comprehensive, all-you-can-eat movie plan soon is something called “windowing,” the entertainment industry term for the staggered way movies are released to various outlets.

Like salmon, Hollywood movies are governed by rigid life cycles. First, a movie is released in theaters. A few months later, it heads to second-run outlets like airlines and hotel pay-per-view, and later it goes to Blu-ray, DVD and digital services that allow you to purchase or rent films à la carte.

Then, about a year after a film’s theatrical release, trouble kicks in. That’s when a movie is made available to pay-TV channels like HBO, Starz and Epix. These premium periods are exclusive; when a movie gets to a pay channel, it often can’t be shown on any other streaming service. This usually means it gets pulled from à la carte rental services, too. Right now, HBO is showing “This Is 40,” “The Hobbit” and “Moonrise Kingdom,” among other titles. Because of the network’s exclusive hold over those titles, you can’t rent those films from any other digital service.

Windowing also explains why Netflix’s movies feel so old. It takes about five to seven years after a movie first hits theaters for all its pay-window restrictions to expire. Only then does it become available to all-you-can eat services like Netflix. These salmon aren’t spring chickens.”

I think this whole business is part of Kyle and my shared frustration with entertainment right now.  In order to see anything worth a damn we have to put up with the stuff I’ve mentioned.

Anyhew….I think we need to take another look at the entertainment industry.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a service we could pay for to watch films on release date in our homes?  Allow me to watch the currently live-streaming Hamlet at home?!  Most people don’t go to the theatre anymore anyways….just a thought.

Here are pics of the sacred geo shirts I made yesterday – the Sri Yantra and Seed of Life and the pictures I promised of how my organic orgonite is coming along — I am really digging the coffee ground texture they have now…and they smell good lol.

Love you all and hope you have a fantastic weekend.  Always remember, YOU ARE AWESOME SAUCE!  Irreplaceable, inexpendable…perfect just the way you were made…above all Loveable.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sri_Yantra – in case your wondering what the Sri Yantra is/means



2 comments on “3 Oct 2015 Streaming services the crap shoot and my latest Sacred Geometry t-shirts and update on organic orgonite

    • OMG lol! That sucks – can you change it?! Seems we are sharing pain with this stuff just in different ways! GRRRR! Have a lovely day – give everybody love from here.

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