19 Sept 2015 – Seeing Soul fragments in strangers, my organic orgonite bowls, drawings and poem

This morning I find myself wanting to write to you about something I’ve come to believe after having had the subject come up back in Nov 2009 and then again just a couple of weeks ago; I want to call this soul fragments.  When I meet people sometimes, I often see more than just the person before me.  It’s like they remind me of someone I’ve met before.

Have you ever met someone or seen someone and felt like you knew them from somewhere before?  Sometimes its legitimately you’ve crossed paths at a party, gathering, chance meeting in passing but sometimes it feels like more than that.  I felt this way about Kyle and so many others close and not so in my life.

Well what I feel is when we die and are reborn we inherit fragments of a soul.  Kind of like the Harry Potter Voldemort Horcrux thing but in a much more positive light! It’s like a soul is such a powerful energy source that once it’s set free, it’s fragments of energy have to find a place to go.

Let me give you a recent example.  I know this may seem out there but this may resonate with you.

19 Sept 2015 drawing of Yamila I did after hospital stay Alvarado TX


When I was at the hospital this time I met a woman named Yamila.  As soon as I made eye contact with her I knew I knew here from “before.”  Sure enough when I asked her if we’d met before she made the comment, without knowing me, “May be in a reincarnation.”  She was pissed off at the time for being at the facility but this comment was not of that nature…it was genuine.  Sure enough after we spent time together I realized she was, in a different form, just like a girl I worked with back when I was stationed at my first duty station Travis AFB.  Eveline was Dutch and we just really felt close to each other.

AB Eveline Ravenstein

AB Eveline Ravenstein

Eveline Ravenstein was the first person I ever supervised.  When we weren’t at work, we were “European” affectionate.

Something I noticed when I was stationed in Germany and traveled in surrounding countries was how much more comfortable Europeans were with touching.   It wasn’t uncommon to see two women arm in arm walking down a street.  Eveline was like that and it was refreshing as I’m an affectionate person too.  I’ve always been drawn to European people or any one “not from here” because I have always been able to relate to being an outsider, being a stranger in my homeland kind of thing.  When we had foreign exchange students at my Senior High School I got so close to them!  Got a long better with them than I did my US classmates.

So anyways, back to Yamila.  She was beautiful and we almost immediately connected after our brief exchange.  As we got to know each other, she exhibited almost the exact same mannerisms Eveline had when we’d be together.   Her laugh, her frequent affectionate behavior, even the way she walked!  As we talked we figure we could trace each other back well beyond even this life time.  Call it two bat shit crazy girls in a Mental Health ward coping with the situation lol or as I feel, it was much more than that because it’s happened so many times to me.

It’s like we are passenger vehicles and sometimes for more than just our soul….but fragments of others too.  I call it “The Before.”   It can be a mannerism, a laugh, a scent (as Yamila added to my list), a walk, way of thinking, speaking….all those things that make us human.  I feel like I carry many more than just a few fragments sometimes.  Is it multiple personality disorder as the Mental Health community chalks it up to or is it what I’m talking about?  Some people exhibiting this phenomenon much more actively than others?

Yamila and gave each other our contact information but for some reason I don’t think we will be crossing paths again right away if ever in this life time.  She has much to work through in her personal life and I have to stay out of the way.  I can be lioness protective when it comes to wounded members of my tribe and this over-protectiveness, wanting to protect/shield behavior can be obstructing to someone trying to get their life together!  I am just happy knowing she’s out there and if she should think to contact me, I’ll be happy about that.  She and I share many gifts.

So I would say the next time you do the “do I know you?” thingy — may be you do!

The latest batch of my organic orgonite bowls are coming along nicely.  Don’t stink so much either LOL.  The bowl I recently gifted a fellow light worker was instantly loved – she didn’t want to put it down after I gave it to her.  When one of my pieces of anything I make connects with it’s rightful owner – has the right energy signature – this is what happens and I love it!  Makes me feel great to be able to help people.

18 Sept 2015 my organic orgonite bowls yesterday Alvarado TX 18 Sept 2015 my organic orgonite bowls waiting to dry

Yesterday I started on one of my “Show me” drawings and this is what I have so far.  A lot of my drawing like this feature doorways to other dimensions.

Show me in progress

Show me in progress

Poem about soul fragment recognition:

“The Before”

by Jackie Wygant

In a passing glance there is something about you that makes me stand still

Long ago did I catch your gaze

In a sunlit window ceil?

Is it the way you smile at me, a familiar mischevious glimmer in your eye?

Are you eager to approach me

Or just a little shy?

Where we lovers, friends, family or enemies to each other in the many times “before”

Did we part tearfully long ago

At the break of dawn clutching each other close on the sandy beach of some distant shore?

When we met I saw your soul today I knew you beyond the flesh you now wear

A little bed head going on or adorned in a well-sewn suite

Kindred, forever souls we circle and cross paths

Perceptions clear, clarity astute

Never mind when or where this time you were born, what was the last thing you’ve done

Here we are this time, in this place and segment of the eternal wheel

Our new circle in time has just begun

Nothing about our past matters now that I found you again

This time even for just a snippet of the eternal slip of time

I embrace you and call you my friend……


2 comments on “19 Sept 2015 – Seeing Soul fragments in strangers, my organic orgonite bowls, drawings and poem

  1. I agreed with you while reading, but I always had no clue why I sometimes thought I know the person from before… I like your explanation, it would be great when something of us would stay and it would live on in another one…

    • I truly believe this is what happens – just seems too coincidental. May be it’s even just the sharing of DNA? Activated strands shared with others? Is the DNA a component of our soul? Just interesting to think about. Thanks for visiting! Been thinking of you guys with all you’ve been through lately! Love and Hugs!

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