18 Sept 2015 – Energy vamps – do the people around you life you up or eat your inner spark?

The house is feeling a little empty this morning. Calmer but emptier. We took Spot in for her teeth cleaning appointment at Banfield Pet Clinic in Burleson. Not happy about putting her under but we’ll do it this once and that will be it! Getting her nails trimmed too while she’s out….she hates that.

Finished my angel drawing last night and made up a couple protection pendants for a gal referred to me by one of our tribe members – like a brother. He called while we were at the Gardens to tell me about her. She’s a fellow light worker who apparently has been inundated with energy vampirism lately and was looking for some help. I have a couple of my organic orgonite bowls around so going to take one of them and the pendants I made last night over to her shop. We have an appointment today and her shop is right in the area. Hope these things helps!

Completed last night - I'm pleased with how this came out

Completed last night – I’m pleased with how this came out

17 Sept 2015 protection pendant 2 for Beverly Texas Medicine woman by Jackie Wygant Alvarado TX 2


As empaths we are fine dining for people who consciously or unconsciously feed on light energy. These people are unable and or unwilling to ignite themselves so they buzz around looking and feeding on people like this gal and I. I’ve gotten so I can tell when a feeding is occurring and politely separate myself from the person. Sometimes I can tell even before I actually engage with a person whether or not it’s going to happen. This kind of thing happens to people not fully conscious of energy exchange all the time and they just don’t realize it.

If you have people around you who aren’t positive and you feel tired, uneasy, anxious, downright exhausted after being around them – they are toxic. You need to enlighten them, pardon the pun, about what is going on and if they can’t or won’t change how they interact with you, you have to let them go until they can. They are toxic!

About a week ago I saved some grass clippings to break down for my bowls and mannnnn does it smell! Smells like well, cow shit or may be cabbage lol. Anyhew, got it bubbling on the stove with my frankincense and myrrh incense desperately trying to cover the smell. Kyle can’t smell anything with his allergies…blessing for him!

One of my completed all organic orgonite bowls - I put crystals in them. Have it on the kitchen table.

One of my completed all organic orgonite bowls – I put crystals in them. Have it on the kitchen table.

Poem about energy vamps:

I see you coming, you have that look in your eyes

Your being precedes you and I want to run away

When you’re around me, a little bit of me always dies

You can’t help it, but like the moth to flame you’ve come to my light

I want to push you away but I’m the foolishly caring sort

If I were to ignore your torment it would keep me up at night

So you come, transparent fangs bared to graze my flesh

Like a hungry spider you wrap me

In your drama, a binding and unyielding mesh

Unlike the unsuspecting fly I can find an escape

With a kind word and a step away

I send you off with your red and black swirling cape

Each time I get a little wiser to my lack of will

This time I don’t end up in my bed

With your turmoil, angst and painful bile swill

You can’t help it, you can’t find your spark

Until you find it

People like me are your light in your infinite dark


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