8 Aug 2015 – My hot glue gun Merkaba aka Tetrahedron and idea how to get mainstream media worth watching again

Yesterday, after spending the previous day for HOURS trying to figure out how to make a Merkaba for my friend Sarah so she’ll have it for an upcoming class she’s doing, I decided to seek the almighty You Tube lol and found this simple video by Brian Walter.  He was making his larger as light fixtures for Burning Man in 2012 but how he did it is what I needed to see.  Following his instructions I was able to make the Merkaba much more easily and this morning I think we are going to seek an inexpensive soldering iron so I can actually bind this without the hot glue (although I kind of like the “glow” going on with it and am going to work with that).  I have wanted to embark on the “soldering” but wasn’t ready but I think once I get it down…omg it’s going to be AWESOME!  (musical sound with the AWESOME! lol).

https://youtu.be/NYijoVw2hYo?list=PL_rYpWbrL6o5By6ycJJOHhWh5irtZQaVy – How to create the Star tetrahedron/Merkaba (Sacred Spaces light fixtures)

Brian Walter
https://youtu.be/EkpV_K7K7Nw?list=PL_rYpWbrL6o5By6ycJJOHhWh5irtZQaVy  – Star Tetrahedron and the Light Body TomjLedder

This video shows a “life-size” Merkaba like Sarah, Kyle and I were talking about being cool for Kyle to weld together someday (need a portable welder first!).  Tom also does a good job briefly explaining the spiritual significance of this sacred geometric symbol.

From a earlier post I talked about decided to stop worrying about writing how to do things down but after my experiences yesterday, may be it’s important to record what I’m doing because it will still be original and my creation BUT because whomever attempts what I’ve done will make it their own.  Hand-made things cannot be replicated “exactly.”  I’m grateful Brian DID record how he made his welded Merkaba otherwise I’d still be sitting at our kitchen table with steam coming out my ears LOL!

Kyle and I talked about the topic of creativity on our walk with Link and Spot this morning.  Every form of media these days seems to be completely devoid of originality and I think this is partly due to a perversion of the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  The media moguls are rebooting all sorts of things because it got viewers and made them money in the past.  Well the people who did the originals and are showing up in reboots are not the same people they were and neither are the viewers who watched it.  We aren’t the same people every 7 days much less 15 – 20 years down the road.  Like all institutions, businesses or just “things” in general, if you just keep using the same formula over and over it gets boring and people lose interest.  This is why reality television shows like America’s Got Talent, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Survivor, Big Brother, Wipe Out, Battle Bots, America Ninja Warrior and those like them are so popular.  Even with some sort of script there is the wild card element of people without a script doing remarkable and unpredictable things.  In the video game industry I think this is why Indie games are becoming so popular – by gamers, FOR gamers mentality.

I think a way to break through this rut in the movie and television realm in particular is to do something like this.  Very much like the reality shows.  You have a premise and a cast – the rest is ad lib and may be some brain-storming with the customers who actually watch and listen to these things.  You would have writers, producers, screen writers involved but in the periphery.  The end product would not from start to finish be controlled by them.  They would become the “tweekers.”  Can you imagine if you got people like from the cast of Parks and Recreation with Maggie Smith or contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race and just let them ad lib what would happen?!  OMG!  LOL!  There are so many talented actors and actresses getting pigeon holed into rebooted shite I just don’t want to see!  I’m tired of the SAME OLD STORIES!  Go Japanese anime style for goodness sake – if you’ve ever seen the AWESOME anime Berzerk you know what I’m talking about.

Anyew – something weird just happened where my computer just went “power out!” so thinking it’s time for me to get off of her!  SPOOKY!

I’m always learning, always evolving — impermanence and no attachment to outcomes is important in the process of creation.  You must love what you create, put that energy into what you create, if any one else will love it too.  When I make something and am not happy with how it turns out — it gets destroyed and I start again.  This thought applies across the board of life I think!

Link to good explanation of what the Merkaba is:  http://www.absoluteempowerment.com/the-merkaba.php – What is the Merkaba

These two together seemed appropriate! The Tree of Life was an anniversary gift from Kyle when he was in welding school! The Tree is our theme for anniversaries and I love this.

These two together seemed appropriate! The Tree of Life was an anniversary gift from Kyle when he was in welding school! The Tree is our theme for anniversaries and I love this.


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