22 April 2015 Alive Inside: Music and Memory – Music a path to reconnection with Alzheimer and Dementia sufferers

So this morning I am so excited!  Just want to tell the world about this and so I’ll write here and hopefully the message will connect with anyone who needs it and may be some miracle makers out there who get boots on the ground for this cause!  I had put the documentary called Alive Inside: Music and Memory on my Netflix streaming cue quite awhile ago and decided along with another one done by PBS’s Nature program called What Do Plants Talk About.  Well I watched the Nature program first and was excited and validated afterwards.  I’m not a nutcase after all for talking to EVERYTHING!  I’ve learned our voices and songs are not only tools for communication but are pure energy and all life on this planet responds to energy from outside sources.  Now those super weeds I’ve been battling for several years now make even more sense to me and explain why after I pull a bunch of them, the air is permeated with their smell….SOS SOS she’s pulling us again!!!  We need cover fire!!!

Well watching this got me thinking about communication and that lead me to the Alive Inside documentary because music is a tool of communication.  A power tool!  Music has always been a forefront part of my life – personal well-being, relationships and interactions with my world.  Watching this brave man, Dan Cohen and his mission just filled me up and excited me so much!  I smiled and cried pretty much through the whole thing!  I always knew the power of music and have equated its barrier breaking power to dancing…it’s international….global.  Every culture on earth, heck many species of animals and perhaps plants, dance and sing.  Music and Dance are the mediums that connect all of us together.

Anyhew…as you will read in my notes, music and it’s power with those who suffer mental and physical illness strikes close to home.  I wonder how differently my grandparents and especially one of my aunts aging process and transition into nursing homes, dementia and hospice could have been.  Something as simple as their favorite song could have kept them anchored here or at least given them more peace as they transitioned to their next life.

What if the Apple company and intel companies like them donated Ipods or other personal listening devices to the growing populations of those who suffer in nursing homes, assisted care facilities or in their homes from Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s disease?  What if every person who was able, myself included, donated even just one Ipod to such a cause?  We could change the world in a way beyond imagining….what comes to mind is the image of every single light, in every corner of darkness being turned on at the same time!  What about adults and children suffering from autism or other mental/physical disabilities?  What if every public school who’s cut funding to their music programs suddenly had them restored and available to all of their students again?

I know my thoughts here are not in any stretch unique.  People like Dan are out there, HAVE BEEN out there, for decades trying, in some cases with little success to change the quality of life for nursing home and assisted living elders.  We have known since the times we know of our ancestors and theirs the benefits of music, dance, and touch.  When I was volunteering at our local Nursing homes secure wing I use to bring our senior cocker spaniel Blondie with me and ohhh how those ladies lit up!  Even my giving them stuffed dogs I made brought them out of the fog of their conditions.

Yet even with all this “knowing” what have we done?   Made money more important than people.  Created more pills and built more boxes to stow away our undesirables and those perceived as no longer valuable…useful.  My Grandparents were and still (even though they are long passed) are one of the most positive, unconditionally loving forces in who I am today!  Why are we throwing our elders away like we throw away broken toys?!

SO if you have someone in your life or know of someone in your life who suffers from any sort of condition like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Autism…a condition that makes them seem unreachable and like they are in the dark….ask them what their favorite song is and see what difference this might make.  Can’t hurt!

Links to find out more and do more:

https://youtu.be/fyZQf0p73QM – (original) Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era   – meet Henry and what music does for him!

http://musicandmemory.org/ – main site to volunteer, donate an Ipod, get trained and just donate support for the movement
https://youtu.be/fVkrI1R0XjA – Alive Inside Official Trailer (2014) HD
http://www.aliveinside.us/#aliveinsidestories – personal stories
https://youtu.be/xrsYRJi3EGw – Nature, What Plants talk about Documentary (2014)


3 comments on “22 April 2015 Alive Inside: Music and Memory – Music a path to reconnection with Alzheimer and Dementia sufferers

  1. Music is like a magic potion… my great uncle goes to a music-therapy every week since they diagnosted dementia&parkinson, it helps a lot to win more good times with his family, without this therapy it would probably much more worse for him to manage life…

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