Two halves of one whole – Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich

This morning I had another “Aha” but this time it was the biggest yet.  I mentioned in a recent blog that I had begun exploring the making of orgonite.  Well in my research of the founder of Orgone, Wilhem Reich, I realized this was familiar.  Many years ago I remember reading or hearing about a “rain maker.”  A man who went to drought stricken towns and with a device “made it rain.”  He had been denounced and pretty much labeled a quack so he slipped out of my consciousness but I always wondered after learning about him if we could control the weather.  I never knew his name…until now.

So I’ve made a couple pieces of my own orgonite and before reading more about Wilhelm’s origin story had wondered if orgonite could be used to help with mental health therapy…low and behold he thought so too and did a lot of research and experiments to prove it!  I wanted to learn more and this morning watched a video on You tube from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust.  It’s a short, 3 part documentary called “Man’s Right to Know” detailing Reich’s life and research.  It hit me pretty hard that what happened to him is almost verbatim to what happened to Tesla!

“Man’s right to know, to learn, to inquire, to investigate human emotions must, by all means be safe if the word Freedom should ever be more than an empty political slogan.” Reich’s response to Complaint for Injunction

So I’m going to share with you here how two halves of my crude learning and discovery have come together.  Contrary to past posts, I’m not editing this from my scrap paper scrawl.  I am not a scientist or particularly learned individual…my school has primarily been life.  My Dad has told me that is what life is….”Life is school; we are never out of school.”

Some of what I write here may seem extreme and hard to digest…comprehend.  If you find this conflict within yourself as you try to read this, I say I may not be your messenger.  You must seek your messenger elsewhere but this message to you must be received.

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Revelation, 24 March 2015/7:12 am

Reich’s work is tangible evidence to show why what we put in our bodies is largely responsible for our “energetic manifestation of reality…our bodies.”  Ingesting too much “dead” organic matter or an imbalance of it with “living” organic matter actually kills the living organisms within us.  Must have balance of dead and living ingestion to have healthy body.  Must have regular exercise and “sexercise” to discharge excess atmospheric energy our bodies are exposed to by people, animals, plants, insects, physical structures man-made and natural like rocks and minerals.  This is why after sex, especially after exercise (specifically outdoors) and chores I feel better!  If I don’t discharge energy, I feel angry, restless, and moody, depressed, overeat, seek “comfort” in shopping, entertainment etc.

Because I, and other “highly sensitive” people; Empaths, ingest much more atmospheric energy, we must use powerful, frequent discharge/detox techniques to balance or “ground” ourselves.  We are tiny “mini-me’s” of Mother Earth.  What happens with her weather systems and climate is her technique for discharge/release of excess energy i.e. storms with a lot of lightening, hurricanes, typhoons, tornados earthquakes.  (to add here I would say it is also in these things and floods, heat waves, drought and other extremes she is doing things we do to try and heal ourselves and express emotion just on a much larger scale!).

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Nikola Tesla studied energy, discovered “everything is energy” but on another level than Reich.  Tesla was metallic, Reich organic as an analogy.  I now have the two halves of the equation which leads me to comprehension of my abilities, interest, path of discovery and experimentation on a very crude, personal scale….my observation and experience not in a lab, in my life and the lives I encounter and catalyze.  As Reich said of those who sought to destroy, discredit, erase, and “blot out” his research, his existence and the validity and value of his work and of its existence….”I do not like it, I don’t want it, I fear it (I will destroy it – my add here.)” He said, “It’s in their structure, it’s in their blood” (kind of like Jesus supposedly said of those who crucified him, “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”)

I have it in my structure, my blood to be the polar opposite!  Reich, Tesla were my brothers of blood.  Our ancestry and origins of our structure and blood from the same regions of the world.  Further in my blood, 1%…Jesus…Jew….rebellion, free thinking, discovery, true understanding and the quest for proof, further understanding and learning.  These two men, all of the other men and women whose life’s work were for the betterment of the common source…one purpose…unification of the “All.”  Peace amongst the “All “and the center source is understanding the Life Force, Universal consciousness, God, the one energy that connects us all.

We all come from, return to, come back to from the one source – an “energy eco-system.”

So to a degree the religions do have it kind of correct.  The way they have gone wrong is trying to control how this one force is received and processed by each living creature.  This is why one person may hear a message at church, work, home, in society and it will either “resonate” and promote action or it won’t.

Very early on a thing Ken (my ex-husband) pointed out in frustration was how he’d tell me something important like “No one can make you feel anything” and it wasn’t until I heard someone else say it would it “resonate”, make sense to me, help me comprehend it and act on this knowledge in my life.  This is why I say often, “Every message has an intended receiver.  What my message is may not be the tone, flavor etc. for my intended recipient.  They will have to hear my message through someone else but it will be delivered!”  So this is why we must have tolerance in all structures of civilization.  There is one Life Force but there are infinite delivery systems (messengers) and conductors of this one force.

To restrict these delivery systems (messengers) and conductors to one acceptable receiving system channel…obstructs the Life force for each individual.  This is why there is no “right” or “wrong” way of thinking or doing (I will add it is this way of constructing society that is responsible for our current dysfunction) only different; perfectly valid.  This is called perception.  We are biologically incapable of all perceiving reality the same way and for any religious, political, organizational entity to demand only one, acceptable (permissible) perception is an abomination against the Life Force… God.

Our thoughts and deeds are energetic manifestations and forces to shape our shared reality.  Right now religious, political, organizational powers who choose to manifest and use money energy oppress and control those “beneath” them in class and station are going against the Life Force, against God.  They have been doing so throughout human history, it’s “in their structures, in their blood” as Reich said. Their entire existence, conscious and unconscious, is about controlling what they fear, “They don’t like us, don’t want us, fear us” but unfortunately (ironically) for them, they need us to continue to exist how they do.  Without our labor, our children, our thoughts, our ideas, our bodies/blood to shed on battlefields for their causes, our weaknesses that they exploit with money energy to support their lifestyles they will cease to exist.

When we give our “will” (what we buy, where we work, what we think, how we vote, how we learn, what we eat, how we carry out our daily lives) to them and their chosen money energy agendas..we give away the piece of Life Force/God that exists in all living things, which Reich in his research tangible showed and proved existed to us, to those who use the Life Force for their selfish and self-serving intent.

Their activities are an offense to the ultimate source.  As history has repeatedly shown, “These shall not stand.”

No human being can stop the will of the one source.  They obviously do not believe, understand or are in arrogant defiance of this truth.  Do they think by controlling reproduction and any facet of the will of people, plants, and animals there are no consequences?  Do not these times show us the consequence of their structural design? (Flawed design).  Specifically what comes to mind is abortion.  I do not like it but think it’s between the woman and God.  The church fears aborting a child will kill the second coming of Christ but I say to this – do you really think aborting a child would prevent God’s coming? Do they now see the parade through time of the second coming?  God’s chosen?  Some newly born and some very late in life to serve God’s will.  No one can stop the will, the message, and the purpose of the Life Force…of God.  The message will be delivered and received by those intended…if they are unsuccessful…there will be another.  There is no “one” second coming or savior.  We all, every living creature born each day is Gods arrival. (To add – in each vessel is the potential for the message to be delivered and received…acted upon.)

Those in power to use the Life Force to kill, maim, oppress, manipulate, deceive, torture, abuse, neglect, libel and steal will suffer the consequences of their activities.

Our individual piece of the Life Force amplifies, distorts or diminishes the consequences felt by them AND by us.

Our thoughts are energy.  What we focus on, put our emotional and thought energy on and subsequently act on expands…it grows…it manifests reality.  When we focus on what’s wrong, what we don’t like, don’t want, fear…we are creating more of it…giving it our personal power…Life Force…feeding it.  “Mind your thoughts” and “Be careful what you wish for, surely you will get it” are phrases we know and say without understanding the truth in them.

As a more than 1% of the population we must reclaim our personal pieces of the Life Force and channel our for we want in the world…how we want to change the world.  We must simplify, unify, choose tangible contact with people, places, nature and things vs the distractions used to control us (technology)…placate us.  We already know what is wrong, the point has been made long ago, we must now focus on what we need to do to make it right….restore balance to us and in turn the Earth.


Links: – Man’s Right to Know Part 1 – Man’s Right to Know Part 2 – Man’s Right to Know Part 3

Wilhelm Reich – Alone (10 min. home recording) (03.04.1952)  – this is heart-breaking

Interview with Filmmaker Kevin Hinchey (documentary on Wilhelm Reich Man’s Right to Know” – link to main page of Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust



12 comments on “Two halves of one whole – Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich

  1. The church does not fear abortion because of the second coming of Christ. Christ will not come as a new born babe, but as a warrior leading God’s army. Abortion is murder plain and simple and the blood of the babies is on our hands for allowing this atrocity.

    • I appreciate your commenting Dina. As I mentioned, I am not for abortion. I feel it is between a woman and the God of her understanding. There is no human on earth who is without sin fit to judge such things. I have a problem with people who proclaim to be pro-life when in fact they are just merely pro-birth. If you are pro-life, adverse to any kind of murder, than this applies across the board of life. There is no picking and choosing which life has more value. If we are going to spare a baby from being aborted than it is equally our responsibility to ensure we are not condemning the child/adult and elder the baby will eventually become to a sentence of hell on earth by not making sure they have food, clothing, shelter, clean air, clean water, medical care, unbiased education and a path to a fufilling life. Again, thank you for sharing here. Love and light to you.

  2. hi… have you check out my I am trying to split this one area away from my main blog. sometimes in life we have many segments, they are under one umbrella, but… the audiences are varied. =^_^=

    • I hope you have success with it. I tried to split my stuff up (picture space issue) and I gave up lol. I stopped over and will be interested to see what you are dreaming up! 🙂

  3. Wonderful piece… I haven’t come across Wilhelm Reich since I did seven years of personal growth courses over thirty years ago. Reich’s book and philosophy was part of our syllabus, if you could call it that. I was heart broken to discover how he had been vilified. I loved your exposition of his teachings, and so agree with what you say about who will hear the message…

    Abortion? In a Swedish study years ago, which followed children whose mothers had been refused an abortion, of those who survived beyond the age of five, most of them suffered depression, failed at school and were medically unfit for the armed services – a horritying indictment of what a lack of love does to the human being.

    If a mother is depressed in the first months of pregnancy, which is more than likely if she doesn’t want the child – for all sorts of reasons – then the foetus/baby’s nervous system which is just developing, is damaged, and the child is doomed to depression for the rest of his/her life… just as an unloved baby who is left to cry, is permanently prone to depression and many other ailments, because of the damaging cortisol which collects in the brain… just saying !!!!

    • Thank you for taking the time to share this message. I did not know about the Swedish study. I did some looking and found some information but it wasn’t complete enough to share. The particular study you speak of was done many years ago (one link I could find any reference to it: Abortion is a very complicated issue. I do not support the activity but am in no way in a position to judge anyone on this difficult decision. Ultimately it is between the woman, man if applicable, and God of their understanding. In my view there are many who proclaim to be pro-life but their words and deeds equate to pro-birth. Children are brought into this world and abandoned by much of our global society. They are used as a commodity for the major and minor businesses and industries like Pharmaceuticals. The machine needs children to feed their most profitable and often crooked enterprises. Thank you again for taking the time to read and comment.

  4. I happened upon your blog in an attempt to find a noteworthy connection between the research of Reich & Tesla. Your commentary is profoundly deep and shows a sensitivity absent in much thinking. I wanted to leave a word of appreciation and acknowledgement of your understanding that echoes my own.

    • Thank you very much Kelvin, I appreciate hearing from you. These two men have been a great teachers on my journey. Their stories have taught me much about who or what God is and what that means in the scheme of this life.

  5. “Two halves of the one whole” = 276 (I was born 2/13 and my last name, Schmidt = 76. I didn’t know about Gematria at the time when I wrote this!)276/15/6/3 cycle
    Nikola Tesla = 119/11/2/1
    Wilhelm Reich = 125/8/4/2/1
    Jacqueline Schmidt = 173/11/2/1
    119 + 125 + 173 =417/12/6/3 cycle
    276 + 417 = 693/18/9 cycle (when I see 18 here it’s like one on a quest for God (26/8), the 9 cycle definitely represents that kind of loop doesn’t it? Does God exist or not? Behind Tesla and Reich’s work was the quest for understanding, collecting and using energy. Interestingly Energy = 74 + 26 (God) = 100.
    *I wanted to mention that changed their data for my DNA and the Jewish aspect is no longer factored in to my profile. I was honestly disappointed but it doesn’t really matter does it? They are just labels. The blood in my veins is red. At the end of it all, I am human.

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